Every Monday night at 7:00, we hold hour-long lessons before the general dancing begins at 8:00.

Beginning lessons: (Every week.) This is for first time dancers, dancers learning west coast swing for the first time, and anyone who wants to brush up on their basics. It is held downstairs, but sign in upstairs first to get your lesson ticket. Typically, the first Monday of each month the instructor will start with the very basic steps then review and build on those the following weeks. Cost is included in dance admission.

Beyond Basics: This 4-week and drop in lesson, highly recommended to all dancers, but especially ones transitioning from beginning to intermediate lessons. Technique, form, styling, and pattern variations are taught by accomplished Lily Robbins. Cost is included in dance admission.

Intermediate lessons: (Every week.) This is for west coast swing dancers who have mastered basics steps such as the sugar push (push break), left side pass, underarm turn, basket, and whip. See our monthly posts to know our weekly intermediate instructors, who come with years of teaching experience. Cost is included in dance admission.

Advanced Techniques: This is an 8-week course, highly recommended to dancers wanting to perfect technique, build on patterns, and learn fun choreography–taught by local west coast swing expert, Chuck Coy. Contact Chuck for more details: coy_chuck@yahoo.com. Cost is $49, separate from dance admission.