February 2020 Schedule

26 01 2020

February 3
Level 1, week 1– David and Chantal
Level 2, week 1– Arthur
Intermediate – Brett and Keri
DJ – Chuck Coy
Table – April and Tresa
February 10
Level 1 week 2 – David and Chantal
Level 2, week 2 – Arthur
Intermediate – Joey and Lily
DJ – Joey
Table – April and Dan
February 17
Level 1, week 3 – David and Chantal
Intro: Amber and Steve Baker
Level 2, week 3– Arthur
Intermediate – Chuck and Heather
DJ – Will Shaver
Table – April and Yong
February 24
Level 1, week 4 – David and Chantal 
Intro: Amber and Steve Baker
Level 2, week 4– Arthur
Intermediate – Marcus Sterling
DJ – Catherine Wilkins
Table – April and Carol



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COVID-19 Update: Dances on hold until further notice.

Dear dancing community,

We get it. Social distancing can be tough. We can’t wait to be dancing again with you, either.

Once we’ve made it through this difficult period and it’s safe again, we’ll be back in full swing.

Until then, we’ll be at home practicing those solo drills and watching the dance videos we always planned to.

Stay safe and well.